The life story video process

The Moving Memories life story video process is explained STEP BY STEP below, and if you have any questions please contact us.

Step 1 – Select your video story package:

Choose one of our story packages (Mini, Standard or Full Story) by completing our Story Request form.

If you would like to make any changes to our packages, we can create a personalised package for you.

Once the story package is agreed, we’ll send you our Terms & Conditions document along with a deposit invoice (which is 50% of the total package cost).  Once the deposit has been paid, we can start working on your video.

Step 2 – Plan your life story video

Now the fun part begins – we start planning your video, including where and when it is to be filmed.  You don’t have to include your entire lifetime in the video – it’s often better to focus on events and times in your life that hold special memories or that shaped you into the person you are today.

Step 3 – Select interview questions and photos

We’ll email you a list of about 25 possible questions to include in your story. The number of questions we can include will depend on the package you choose.  If you would like, we can work with a friend or family member when selecting which questions will be best for you.

We’ll also ask you to sort and select any photos you want to include in your story.  We will ask you to send us photos (scanned digital copies) and any video files from existing home videos you may wish to include.  We will need the video files to be either MP4 or MOV format.

Step 4 – Film your life story video

Your story will be filmed in your home, so that you feel comfortable and relaxed in your own environment.

We will help you feel confident with the camera, and guide you where necessary to keep you on track.  We will have cameras, lights, and audio equipment – but it won’t be a full film crew so don’t worry about that.

It takes about an hour for equipment to be set up and, we may ask to move a few things in the background of the shots.

Step 5 – Edit & Review

We start the editing process and provide you with a rough first cut (this takes 1-2 weeks).

After reviewing the rough cut, and making any changes you’d like,  we produce a final cut of your story.

Step 6 – Approval and final payment

After you’ve approved the final video(s), we will invoice you for the balance due on the package (the remaining 50%).

Please note that any changes requested after this point will incur additional costs.

Step 7 – Your life story video is ready!

We will supply Moving Memories stories as downloadable files that you can easily share.  For some packages, we also load your video to your own password protected custom webpage on our website.  Either way, you will be able to share with friends and family anywhere in the world.

The steps:

  • Select a story package

  • Plan your story

  • Choose questions & photos

  • Film your story

  • Edit & review

  • Approval & payment

  • Story video is ready!

Moving Memories life story video

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