Work harder on emotional intelligence

Work harder on your emotional intelligence. That’s the message I came away with last week, after interviewing a wonderful man in his mid 60’s who is facing a terminal diagnosis with immense bravery and gratitude. To say I’m inspired by him would be an understatement. He truly understands the meaning and value of this one […]

Storytelling – Visual vs Written

Visual information is processed 60,000 time faster by the brain than text. So with a video story people will digest the story much faster than a written version. That’s just one of the benefits of recording your life story with video.  By sharing your life experiences visually, not only are you allowing your audience to […]

5 Myths about Life Story Memoirs

In this article, I want to cover these 5 Myths that I often hear shared about saving life story memoirs: 1️⃣ You need to be 70+ before you start 2️⃣ My story is not that interesting 3️⃣ I’m not a storyteller 4️⃣ There’s plenty of time to do it 5️⃣ I don’t think it matters […]

As you get older…

Remember that aging is a gift. As you get older, celebrate your big birthdays – instead of dreading them coming around or wishing you could be 21 again. Many people don’t get the chance to enjoy turning 50 or 60 – so try to remember how lucky you are to get there, and savour all […]

Share who you are, not what you do

Do you think your future family wants to know about WHAT you do or WHO you are? I would make a bet that it’s the latter. If they want to know about your job, business or achievements, they can find all that on paper and online.  Sharing who you are on video in a life […]

5 Top Tips for Video Editing (for Beginners)

Have you tried to edit your videos but found the process overwhelming and given up? Here are my 5 top tips on how to get started with editing your videos – with the first one being about getting organised! TIP 1: Organise your footage. Before you start editing, get all the files and footage stored […]

How your Story can Help others Heal

Our life stories can often help others – which is why sharing your story is truly a gift. Have you ever listened to someone talking about their life and thought to yourself, “Oh, someone else has gone through that? I thought it was just me!” Every story shared gives someone the opportunity to feel less […]

Planning your life story video – 3 key steps

In this month’s blog, we look at the planning stage of your life story video memoir. So, where do you start? And what do you include? Let’s explore the 3 crucial life story video planning stages that will make it easy to get started and enjoyable for family and future generations to watch. Step 1 […]

Sharing Your Story – Unplugged

Let’s talk about sharing the unplugged version of our life experiences—the good, the bad and the ugly – and everything in between. Life is an incredible journey, a rich tapestry of moments that include both triumph and struggle. By sharing all aspects of our lives in our life story video memoir, we create a picture […]

5 Top Questions to Ask Family Members