We all have a story…don’t let yours be forgotten.

Moving Memories will capture your favourite stories and precious memories on video to create a digital time capsule for future generations to enjoy.

Video captures the true essence and personality of the storyteller – so it not only captures the story, it also captures the person telling the story.  Seeing and hearing the voice of a loved one on video – sharing their story, insights, feelings and memories of their life is a priceless gift that can be treasured forever.

The Moving Memories story

Moving Memories is dedicated to the memory of my dear Dad, Tony Parker.

After losing Dad at just 78 years young in 2018, I decided that I wanted to help families preserve their family stories.  Too many stories get lost when our family members pass away, and by sharing stories on video it keeps them alive – plus families get to see and hear the stories directly from the storyteller.  They get to experience their true essence and personality.

Life Stories

This is why I am so passionate about Moving Memories.  I want everyone to have the opportunity to save favourite stories and precious memories of loved ones in their own voice – to create a digital Time Capsule for future generations to enjoy. 

I feel privileged to be involved in capturing these stories and know that my Dad is on my shoulder proudly encouraging me to help other families record their memories to treasure forever.

Let’s connect and make sure that your family stories don’t get forgotten.

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