Video memoirs – Personal Life Story Documentaries

Capture your family life stories and precious memories in a personal documentary (or video memoir). These powerful videos tell personal stories and memories of loved ones past and present in a beautiful biographical documentary, so the stories (and the personalities of the storytellers) are not forgotten.

Video Memoir Interview

The older generation doesn’t have the digital footprint that the current generation has, so when they have gone from our lives their stories will also be gone – unless we SAVE them.

These keepsake personal documentary videos capture precious stories and memories forever.

You capture not only the story, but the true essence, voice, tone & personality of the storyteller.

Seeing and hearing the voice of a loved one in a video memoir – sharing their story, insights, feelings and memories of their life is truly a priceless gift for both current and future generations.

Online or Face-to-Face Interview Options

  • Online personal documentary production – from $550.

    Perfect for interviewing family overseas or in other parts of the country, these are recorded online in studio quality. Old photos, music & titles are added at the editing stage. More information is on Online remote recording video memoirs page.

  • Fully edited face-to-face personal documentary production – from $995.

    A face to face video interview shoot plus production of a professional, documentary style video memoir edited to include additional footage, photos, music & titles.  More information is on Video Memoir packages page.  You can view some fully edited face-to-face videos here.

To discuss ideas and start planning your personal documentary, please book a free call with me.

Sharing your documentary life story video

Once your life story video memoir is completed and saved in digital form, the MP4 file can easily be shared with family around the world.  It can be played on your phone, ipad, laptop, computer and even cast to your television.

Other services

I also offer tailored video packages, funeral tribute videos, night classes in Wellington (soon to be available online in 2024) and video coaching if you have specific needs.

Contact me if you have any questions at all.

30 Life Story Interview Questions

Complete the form below to receive a list of 30 life story interview questions.

This list is a mix of questions, ranging from early life to later life, and include some great thought-provoking questions (such as “If you could change 1 thing in the world, what would it be and why?”).  You won’t need to use all 30 questions in your story, or you may not like some of the questions.  It’s your story – so you decide.

Book a FREE call to discuss your Video Memoir

Book a 20 minute free call to discuss your memoirs video and what you’d like to include. Let’s connect and make sure that your family stories and memories don’t get lost or forgotten.

Your Story, Your Voice, Your Legacy

Video memoirs

You never know what is around the corner, so get your story in the can while you can.  Creating a personal documentary that shares your personality, hopes and life values is the greatest gift you can give to future generations.

Book a 20 minute free call to discuss your personal documentary video and let’s make it happen.

Take the Life Story Quiz

In this short quiz you’ll be asked 7 questions, all of which have multiple choice answers.  It will help you identify where you are in your life, and whether now is a good time to saving saving your family memories.

EVERYONE has a story worth sharing.

Contact me for a free 20 minute call and let’s get started on saving the precious stories and memories of your family in a video memoir.

Gift vouchers

Saving Family Memories

Give your loved one a life story video gift voucher, so they can record their story when they’re ready to do so.

Other family members and friends can also contribute by buying a gift voucher, and can choose vouchers valued from $50 up to $550.

Contact me to order a gift voucher for a life story video memoir.  They really do make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months.

Why video memoirs?

Imagine being able to watch someone you love sharing their stories and true essence on camera in their own words.  What a priceless gift for future generations to share.

Facial expressions and mannerisms add so much to what you share with others – and bring the story to life.  There’s no better way to capture the emotion of a story and personality of the storyteller than with video.

Your story matters, and can help others to heal and thrive.  Don’t let it be lost or forgotten.

Your family wants to inherit your stories, not your stuff.

What my clients say

Video memoirs

“I was so glad to find a company that made videos of life stories, as I had been keen to get my father-in-law’s childhood war stories documented.

Finding Nicola was a godsend and relief.

I was a bit nervous, but she was so kind and understanding and came up with lots of ideas to get what we could, despite Dad’s dementia.”

>> View Jo’s full testimonial and others here

About Moving Memories

Video memoirs

Moving Memories is dedicated to the memory of my dear Dad, Tony Parker.  After losing Dad at just 78 years young in 2018 without saving his stories, I wanted to help families preserve their family stories on video.

Too many stories get lost when our family members pass away, and by sharing stories on video it keeps them alive – and families get to see and hear the stories directly from the storyteller.  They get to experience their voices, facial expressions, intonation and personality.

This is why I am so passionate about Moving Memories.  I want everyone to have the opportunity to save stories and precious memories of loved ones so they don’t get lost or forgotten, and I feel privileged to do this work.  I know that my Dad would be proudly encouraging me too.  For more about me, go to the About Me page.

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