Collect stories & memories in a video tribute

We hear some great stories at funerals.  Imagine being able to collect individual stories from the family and friends of your recently passed loved one in a beautiful tribute video?

“Remember when …”

As families and friends gather together after a funeral service, they share stories and memories they have of their friend or loved one.  By recording these stories at this gathering, you capture those memories – so they are remembered forever.

There will be people who may not have spoken at the funeral, but have stories and memories they want to share.

When we come together to say goodbye and pass on our respects, it can be very comforting to record special memories and stories to remember them.

How it works

After the funeral service, we can record stories and memories on video with family and friends who wish to participate.  The best time to do this is usually while everyone is gathered for tea, coffee and connection.  It’s done in a quiet space, away from the main lounge where possible.

The camera will be setup, and some prompts and questions can be used if needed to help get the stories flowing.

We interview as many people as time allows, and then edit and produce the keepsake video for you.

Prices start at $650 for this service, depending on location and specific needs.

Note that this service is currently only available in the Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti, Hutt Valley & Wairarapa regions.

Book a free call to discuss your needs

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