Story Sharing Circles

Storytelling connects us.  Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication known among humans. Stories are used to pass on knowledge and valuable information from one generation to the next.

Would you like us to run a Story Sharing circle at your Retirement village or Aged Care facility?

In our Story Sharing sessions we explore some life story questions together using some interactive tools – and working in pairs you will discuss how those stories have shaped your life.

Life story question cards

We then share feedback as a group and discuss the importance of saving precious memories and stories.  You will also be given some ideas on how you can start tasks towards saving your own stories after the session.

At the end of the Story sharing, we will share some short video clips from a few existing life story videos.

Story sharing circles are fun, interactive sharing sessions, and offered free of charge to local Retirement villages, Aged Care facilities, Probus groups and similar organisations.

Get in touch to find out more about booking a Story Sharing Circle for your organisation.

Sharing Life Stories

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