Father’s Day Offer #1 – valid until 5 September 2021

For Father’s Day, we are including a BONUS transcript of your video at no extra cost.  This is a printed copy of the full video script to keep along with his video.

Creating a life story video:

The life story will be filmed at home, so your Dad will feel comfortable and relaxed in his own environment.

The video will focus on events and times that hold special memories for your Dad.  We’ll send him a list of about 30 possible life story questions to include in the video. The number of questions we can include will depend on the package that is chosen.  As a general rule of thumb we cover about 5-6 questions in a 15 minute video.

On filming day, we will help him feel confident with the camera, and guide him where necessary to keep him on track.  We will have cameras, lights, and audio equipment, but it won’t be a full film crew so will not be overwhelming at all.  It will be very relaxed and he’ll feel like he’s talking to an old friend.  Go to the Testimonials page to hear what Dave said about his experience working with us.

Book a call with me today so you don’t miss out on this great Father’s Day offer! 

Pricing & Vouchers

Prices start at $995 for a 15 minute video.

We offer a 3 month interest free payment plan, and gift vouchers too.

Click here to view our brochure for full details of what is included in our packages.

About this offer:

This offer is available until 5 September 2021.  You don’t have to complete the video shoot by then of course – just book and pay a deposit before that date.