Why Save Family Memories?

Have you ever had this thought – “Next time I go and see Nana, I’m going to ask her how she met Grandad and record it on video”.

Then you never really get around to it.  You think “I’ve got plenty of time to do that, I don’t have to rush”.

A year or two later she still remembers most of the story but she gets a bit confused at times and doesn’t really remember the details.

I hear this sort of thing a lot and it really makes me sad.  That was me five years ago when we thought we had all the time in the world to save my Dad’s story.

He was a very fit 77 year old, but he had a stroke followed by seizures that left him unable to really speak or communicate with us at all.  So we never saved his story, and that’s something I truly regret.

It’s not just the story that you save

Start saving stories now – don’t let your story or the story of a loved one be lost or forgotten.

Save their story on video, because you’ll preserve not only their stories but also their mannerisms, quirks, personality, and their unique spirit – saved for future generations to see on video.

Get tips & ideas on my YouTube channel

Learn more about how to interview your loved ones and get the most from them on video.  On my Saving Family Memories YouTube channel I share tips, ideas and inspiration every fortnight on how to start saving your family’s life stories.

There are also interviews with family history experts who share the same passion as me – helping to ensure that future generations get to know where they came from.

Understanding our past can help us make sense of the present and future.

Start small, but start now!

You can start small with some simple tasks – it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Just get started – that’s the main thing.  Don’t put it off as you don’t know what’s around the corner.

Get those stories in the can, while you can.

????Resources & Links

Free list of 30 life story interview questions:


My YouTube channel – Saving Family Memories (new videos are uploaded each fortnight):


Books I recommend:

Your Story How to write it so Others Will Want to Read it – by Joanne Felder:


The Stories We Tell – Every Piece of your Story Matters – by Joanna Gaines


(These book links are affiliate links and for delivery only in NZ & Australia –  I receive a small commission from Booktopia at no additional cost to you).

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