Planning your life story video – 3 key steps

In this month’s blog, we look at the planning stage of your life story video memoir. So, where do you start? And what do you include?

Let’s explore the 3 crucial life story video planning stages that will make it easy to get started and enjoyable for family and future generations to watch.

Step 1 – Create a Timeline of Key Events:

The first step in planning a life story video memoir is to create a timeline of key events that have shaped your life.

Start by time-travelling through your life to identify the significant milestones, such as your early childhood years, education, career highlights, personal achievements, etc. Include life-changing events like marriage, having children and moving home. Don’t include every detail – just the milestones and stand-out stuff.

This timeline will be the backbone of your memoir, providing a framework to guide your storytelling.

Step 2 – Sort & Select Photos & Videos to Include:

Photographs and video have the power to evoke emotions and memories like nothing else. Sorting through your collection of photographs (and old videos if you have some) is an essential part of creating a truly engaging life story memoir. Choose ones that relate to the key events you’ve recorded on your timeline that remind you of those times in your life.

These photos and videos will bring your memoir to life. A video memoir is so much more than just a record of dates on a timeline. It’s a mini documentary about you and your life. Don’t be afraid to include both the ups and the downs in your story too – they’re all part of who you are.

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Step 3 – Select Questions to Include:

To add depth and meaning to your memoir, you’ll need some questions to include that relate to the events and photos/videos you have chosen. These questions should encourage you to reflect on your experiences, emotions, and any life lessons you may have learned along the way.

They will help you share personal stories and insights that will show your true essence and personality. This will allow future generations (who may never meet you) to learn a little bit more about you, your values and what was truly important to you.

You might include questions like:

“What was your biggest obstacle, and how did you overcome it?” or

“What are 3 values that you feel every person should have?”

(*For a free list of 30 Life Story Interview Questions, click here)


Creating a life story memoir with video gives you a wonderful visual record of your life to pass on.

The planning stages of creating a timeline, selecting photos, and gathering thought-provoking questions, are crucial to get the content and direction of your memoir right.

Remember, every life holds value, and the memories and experiences we choose to capture today will serve as a cherished legacy for years to come.

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So, whether you are starting your life story memoir journey for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, remember to include the planning stages above.

Take the time to reflect on the chapters of your life, sort through all your old photos and choose questions that will bring your story to life.

And remember you can start creating it at any age – you don’t have to be in your 70’s or 80’s to start. The earlier you start the better!

Your life story memoir video has the power to inspire, enlighten, and leave a lasting impact. So start today, because every life story is worth telling.

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