How your Story can Help others Heal

Our life stories can often help others – which is why sharing your story is truly a gift.

Have you ever listened to someone talking about their life and thought to yourself, “Oh, someone else has gone through that? I thought it was just me!”

Every story shared gives someone the opportunity to feel less alone, and can help them heal.

Don’t be afraid to share both highlights and lowlights of your life – you never know who you may help.  Obviously you want people to enjoy watching your life story video so your main focus will be the positive stories, but sharing challenges can help others see a way through their own challenges!

Your story of times of struggle and hardship may just be the lifeline that’s needed for someone else who is struggling.  It may encourage them to get the help they need to get through a difficult period of their own life.

You know you’re not alone when others have similar stories

When you have been through a tough time, or perhaps even had a period of illness in your life, sharing your story will help others feel that they are not alone.

My daughter was very sick as a teenager – she had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for 5 years.  She got her health back over 10 years ago now, and often shares her story with others.  She has inspired many other people with similar chronic conditions to get the help they need and they have got their lives back as a result, just as she did.

When you know that someone has been through something similar, you are more likely to trust them and take their advice.  My daughter has helped many people seek help through sharing her recovery story – and will continue to do so, which makes us very proud.

Story sharing can help when a family is split

The sharing of stories can also be valuable when there has been some years of separation in a family unit.  Often when marriages or partnerships fall apart, it can be hard for other family members to stay connected.

Sharing your story and experiences of these difficult years when you may have been separated from family can be a great healer for everyone.  The family connections can be rebuilt, and you will be able to catch up on the years you have missed by sharing stories and memories together.

Finding common ground with others

When we find common ground with others, it allows us to live happy and healthy lives. It improves our relationships and the common pathways that we share lead to trust as we go through similar experiences together.

Sharing our stories builds connections, bonds and friendships.  By being honest and open we soon find that we are more alike that we are unlike each other, making us feel less alone.

It can be scary to share your story

You may find it hard to share your story because of feeling vulnerable or anxious about it.  The process of sharing your deepest thoughts, experiences and emotions can be scary.  But through being vulnerable, we grow.  And that growth is seen by others as courage and strength – something that they will relate to and want to inherit from your story.

So be brave – and remember that by sharing your experience you may positively influence others and help them to heal.

What a wonderful gift to share.

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