Work harder on emotional intelligence

Work harder on your emotional intelligence. That’s the message I came away with last week, after interviewing a wonderful man in his mid 60’s who is facing a terminal diagnosis with immense bravery and gratitude.

To say I’m inspired by him would be an understatement. He truly understands the meaning and value of this one life we get, and is not afraid to share it with others. His emotional intelligence is at an all time high, but he admits it wasn’t always and he was a late starter in this area.

The importance of emotional intelligence

Throughout the interview, he came back to the importance of emotional intelligence (also know as EQ – emotional quotient) several times. He agreed that other things like academia and personal achievements count of course, but you must also learn to be self-aware, empathetic, expressive, and perceptive to improve your emotional intelligence and connection with loved ones.

The footage we took of him sharing life lessons, telling stories from his childhood, laughing with his loved ones (along with tearful moments) and playing with the family dog will stay with me for a very long time.

I am so grateful that I got to meet this very special family to record their wonderful Dad/Father/Husband sharing his memories so that his story, personality and values are not forgotten.

And future generations will get to know the real him.

What a beautiful gift to share. ❤

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