As you get older…

Remember that aging is a gift.

As you get older, celebrate your big birthdays – instead of dreading them coming around or wishing you could be 21 again.

Many people don’t get the chance to enjoy turning 50 or 60 – so try to remember how lucky you are to get there, and savour all that life has to offer as you get older.

❤️ Celebrate and truly enjoy the years you have been gifted.
❤️ Have no regrets.
❤️ Dance at every chance you get.
❤️ Cherish memories with loved ones.
❤️ Live, love and laugh every day.

These lyrics from Ben Platt’s song “Older” are also a wonderful reminder:

“When you are younger
You’ll wish you’re older
And when you’re younger
You’ll wish for time to turn around
Don’t let your wonder
Turn into closure
When you get older.”

Keep celebrating, dancing and laughing every chance you get – no matter what age you are.

Resources & Links

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Books I recommend:

Your Story How to write it so Others Will Want to Read it – by Joanne Felder:

The Stories We Tell – Every Piece of your Story Matters – by Joanna Gaines

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